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November, 2012

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Canadians demand yes vote for Motion 312


Kingsville, ON September 20, 2012  As the historic Motion 312 draws to a vote, a seventeen-year old's national campaign to send 100,000 letters to Canadian Parliament hits the goal., started by Alexandra Jezierski, has just reached the goal of 100,000 letters written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Members of Parliament. Its goal is to raise support for MP Stephen Woodworth's motion, which would strike a committee and evaluate Section 223 of Canada's Criminal Code, which states that unborn children do not become human beings until the moment of complete birth.

"The desks of our MPs have been flooded with letters, postcards, and emails," said Jezierski. "The opinions of Canadians across the country have been expressed clear and strong."


The campaign has seen support from almost every province in the country. "We also have reached the goal largely thanks to campaigns such as MP Postcards, We Need a Law, and  When Am I Human, which have provided Canadians with simple, effective ways of contacting their MPs."

Over 116,000 letters and postcards have been sent, clogging Parliament mailroom with 10,000 postcards a day, according to the Supervisor of the Belfast Post Office, where mail to the Parliament first arrives.


Jezierski also says that Canadian youth have been the driving force behind the success of reaching the goal. "I think the reason so many other young people have gotten involved and are so supportive of this motion is because, we can meet a challenge. Sometimes, we will do something crazy because it's the right thing to do, and however daunting or impossible it is, young people can do it and will do it. Our dreams and ideals are big, and we won't be satisfied until we've achieved that. And an honest law about when human life begins is the first step."


As time runs out for letter mail to reach Parliament Hill for the vote on September 26, Jezierski says her campaign is joining forces with another pro-Motion 312 initiative, PASS PASS 312 is a "final stand" for the motion, asking millions of Canadians to give their MP and Prime Minister Stephen Harper a phone call asking them to vote in favour of the motion. "It's important that each of us contact our MPs personally, and giving them a call is a way they can't possibly ignore."


"The government has heard from thousands upon thousands of Canadians, many of them young people, who have stood up and made their voices heard. The ways our MPs respond will reflect on whether they are listening to the voices of their constituents or not. The pressure's on."


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