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November, 2012

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  Government of Canada Taking Step In Right Direction In AddressingNational Concern Of Bullying



  The national Anti-Bullying charitable organization BullyingCanada iscommending Honourable Vic Toews, Canada's Public Safety Minister, andScott Armstrong, MP for Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley fortaking a stand for Canada's youth when it comes to bullying. "Bullying is a serious trauma that many of us have had to face in ourlives. Working together to promote a safe environment for youth is heexact remedy we need" said Katie Neu, Co-Executive Director ofBullyingCanada. "I'm very pleased to see that the Government is takinga national interest in ensuring that bullying is being addressed forthe youth of Canada" added Rob Frenette, Co-Executive Director. The Harper government, through Public Safety's National CrimePrevention Centre, has developed resources on evidence-based programsto address bullying. In addition, the RCMP actively reaches out tocommunities to provide information on bullying-related issues, such asthrough the WITS (Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek Help) pilotprogram, which is active in Nova Scotia and five other provinces. TheRCMP also operates, a by youth, for youth web-based programthat offers resources on issues such as bullying and cyberbullying. BullyingCanada is a nationally registered anti-bullying charity thatprovides support, information and resources on the topic of bullyingfor youth, parents and educations from across Canada. BullyingCanadaoperates a 24/7 support line, a scholarship program as well ascorporate school and workplace training.